My Hot Mess Story

Get ready for "My Hot Mess Story" – your go-to for hilarious mishaps, relatable tales, and life lessons in all their messy glory! Subscribe now for a dose of humor and inspiration!

Get ready for "My Hot Mess Story" – your go-to for hilarious mishaps, relatable tales, and life lessons in all their messy glory! Subscribe now for a dose of humor and inspiration!

My Hot Mess Story

How sad would it be to look back at the end of your career and realize you didn’t accomplish your dreams because you were “too tired?” 

A coaching mentor said that to me once.  Ouch!    

It hit me pretty hard at the time because I was exhausted.   

I went through a “tired” phase that lasted about 7 years when my kids were first born.  They did not sleep well so I was basically a walking zombie.  It really was amazing to me that I kept that job for as long as did.   

In this phase as a new mom and a new head coach trying to do it all, I quickly found that there’s an inverse relationship between how much you work and how much energy you have.  

When one rises, the other falls, and vice versa.  

I easily was working 70+ hours, but I was really only getting 30 hours’ worth of productivity.  

There were days where I would start the day with great energy, and get a lot done.   Then after lunch, I was useless.  

Or I’d have great energy on Monday and Tuesday, but by Thursday and Friday I was all over the place and wasn’t accomplishing much.  

Well, that’s the result of energy flexing the wrong way: more hours, but less accomplished.  

It took me 7 years of struggle and trying a million different things to finally figure out that my energy is a renewable resource and it was in my control.   

It can easily be replenished with a few simple actions.  

You just have a have the right recipe, which means that just because you’re currently on empty, doesn’t mean you have to stay that way.  

Even if you have a pattern of frequently finding yourself on empty, it’s fairly simple to change. By the way, it may not be easy because it will require some change in your behavior.  But it’s not complicated. We just have to be intentional about rejuvenating ourselves.  

Now, I have talked in previous posts about how to rejuvenate your energy through what you eat and drink, through getting more sleep and exercise. Go to if you want more info about that.   

I am about to start up another round of the High-Performance Coach and Recruiter in the next few weeks where I teach you how to level up your energy levels by creating or upgrade your current daily operating system as a coach. 

I want to help you take advantage of the slower summer months to implement a daily operating system that prioritizes energy management in 3 key areas: in the morning, during the day while at work, and at night.  

This could mean setting strict boundaries for work hours, incorporating regular exercise and mindfulness practices into your routine, and ensuring you’re getting adequate rest. Developing a habit of regular breaks and incorporating activities that replenish your energy, such as hobbies, time with loved ones, or simply getting outside, can significantly impact your overall performance. By using the summer to refine these practices, you’ll set yourself up to hit the ground running with renewed vigor and focus when the new season begins. 

This summer, make it your goal to not just prepare your team but also to prepare yourself. By creating a more effective daily operating system, you’ll increase your energy levels, avoid burnout, and be in the best possible position to lead your team to success. Remember, a high-performing coach is one who takes care of their most valuable asset: their own energy. Start now, and see the difference it makes in the coming year. 

If you don’t want to miss out on the new and improved High-Performance Coach and & Recruiter program, hit reply to this email and I will send you the details once they are finalized.   

Hope you have a great week.  

Mandy Green          

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