What I know from experience is that your daily schedule will be chaotic and "busy" in the fall if you don't follow some basic productivity principles.

This newsletter is 100% about eliminating decisions that you don’t care about this week. So you can focus on those that you do care about.

If you want to reclaim 40 hrs/week during your busy fall (I’m not kidding), read this:

Hi Coach,  

Before you start reading this, let me say that this newsletter is NOT about becoming a robot during the day. 


You have a lot to do and are probably wearing multiple hats.  I just want to get you thinking about where you could streamline somethings to save time.  


This newsletter is 100% about eliminating decisions that you don’t care about this week.  So you can focus on those that you do care about. 


Here are 9 areas where you can reclaim a ton of time back throughout the week.



I know coaches we have our coaches’ gear.  But still, do you waste time picking your tee shirt and shorts? Either go full Steve Jobs and wear the same outfit every day.  Or Google “capsule wardrobe” and put together a minimalist wardrobe.  Either way, reduce the decision-making involved in getting dressed. 

Reclaim: 2 hrs/wk



People spend 1+ hrs/day sourcing and preparing meals. Save time with: 

  • Grocery delivery 
  • Full-meal delivery 
  • Bulk cooking on Sunday 
  • Meal replacement shakes 
  • Eating the same meals every day

Feed your purpose, not feelings. 

Reclaim: 7 hrs/wk 


Distracted Work  

The best productivity app on your phone is called Airplane Mode (use it).  Would you rather: Multitask for 6 unfocused hours OR work 4 laser-focused hours and get ALL your important tasks done? The choice is yours. 

Reclaim: 10 hrs/wk4.  


Long Meetings  

You know the default “time blocks” for these: 30 or 60 mins.  Most can be shorter.

A productivity tip, courtesy of Elon Musk: Set meetings in 5-min increments (5, 10, 15, etc.) Or avoid unnecessary meetings all together. 

Reclaim: 5-10 hrs/wk



On average people watch TV for 3 hrs/day.  I get it is maybe your end of day wind down time.  Still, how much time are you spending watching Netflix or Apple TV?

You could be living your dreams, but instead you decide to live someone else’s.  Instead of watching TV, plan for tomorrow.  It is a great way to stay focused on what needs to happen so you can get ahead.

Cancel your subscription and thank me later. 

Reclaim: 10-15 hrs/wk 


The News 

Avoiding sensationalized news is self-care.  Consider batching news consumption on a weekly basis.  I like the Economist.  Also, try Morning Brew—a short, daily newsletter that’s rationally optimistic. 

Reclaim: 3.5 hrs/wk 


Personal Inventory Management 

Figure out your burn rate. You go through razors monthly?  Cool, subscribe to them on Amazon. Ditto for other personal care items, pens, batteries, etc. Never waste time running out to the store for a single item. 

Reclaim: 1.5 hrs/wk 


Home Cleaning and Laundry 

Outsource these if you can. Psychology says, purchases that save us time make us happy.  

Reclaim: 3 hrs/wk 


Make ‘No’ Your Default 

Whether it’s new work projects or social gatherings.  Saying “Yes” to things you don’t have time for leads to unnecessary future decisions.  In the words of Mark Manson, if it’s not a ‘f*#k yes,’ it’s a no. 

Reclaim: 5-15 hrs/wk 


Total Weekly Hours to Reclaim

Clothes: 2 hrs 

Meals: 7 hrs 

Distracted Work: 10 hrs 

Meetings: 5-10 hrs 

Netflix: 10-15 hrs 

The News: 3.5 hrs 

Personal Inventory Mgmt.: 1.5 hrs 

Home Cleaning + Laundry: 3 hrs 

Make ‘No’ Your Default: 5-15 hrs 


Savings: 47-67 hrs/wk.  Think about how much more you could accomplish with that extra time.   

With this newfound time, maybe you’ll:

  • Deepen your relationships with your staff, team, or get home to your family sooner.
  • Get in the best shape of your life 
  • Give more love to your top recruits 


Again, I am not suggesting you become a robot. 


This IS about eliminating decisions that you don’t care about so you can focus more on those things that you do care about. 


To your success,  


Mandy Green 


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