The amount of time, energy, attention, capacity, and lifeforce most coaches waste doing the wrong thing and in the wrong way that takes them in the wrong direction is incredible.  

How You Can Beat the Most Talented, Capable and Hardworking People Around You

Hey Coach,

Let’s start off with a hard truth.

The amount of time, energy, attention, capacity, and lifeforce most coaches waste doing the wrong thing and in the wrong way that takes them in the wrong direction is incredible.  

Everybody is zooming around running from task to task, email to email, meeting to meeting, practice to practice, text message to text message.  

The speed you’re moving might be impressive.  

But if you are not making much progress toward building a successful program, it is a big waste of time. . .in my opinion.  

If what I just said hit home for you, then pay close attention.  

The big distinction that I want to get you here today is the difference between speed and velocity.  

When you get this, it will radically accelerate your success. Are you ready?  

I learned this from my mentor Darren Hardy.   

He says all the time that speed by itself is useless. In fact, working at high speeds all the time can be dangerous to your health, to your sanity, and to your future.  

If you have a Ferrari and put the pedal to the metal stressing it out to its max capacity, it’s useless if it’s headed in the wrong direction or worse if you’re unknowingly driving it towards a wall. 

Instead, you want velocity. Velocity is the distance traveled divided by time in a specific direction.  

In physics, it is called a vector, which is simply a straight line from point A to point B.  

And if you then add speed to that straight line, well, now you’re nearly unbeatable.  

This is how you can beat the most incredibly talented, capable and hardworking people around you.  

It’s so much easier than you think because coaches have more solicitations on their attention, more demands on their time or tasks on their to do lists more emails, texts, notifications, and the like constantly taking them off their direction all day, every day. 

Ok, your probably wondering how to improve your velocity.   

Today, I am going to give you 3 things to do to get your velocity right.  

#1- slow down to go faster.  

Not enough time is spent on thinking, planning, and prioritizing.  

The reality is that most things that you do fast, efficient and with great intensity you shouldn’t be doing at all.  

Working on the right things is more important than working quickly.  

Take 10 minutes after you read this to think, plan, and prioritize your to-do list for the week.   

You want to do fewer things that matter more.  

#2- eliminate waste.  

Ruthlessly delete, delegate, or diminish all other unnecessary tasks, requests, obligations and meetings that detract from your velocity.  

Don’t let those things that matter very little, matter a lot to your time, energy and attention and take you off of your velocity.  

One of my favorite Darren Hardy sayings is to stop mistaking activity with productivity, movement for achievement, and speed for results.  

#3- have tunnel vision.  

Put your blinders on. Block out the world by blocking out your calendar, schedule all your vital functions and stay focused on all that you schedule.  

Once your destination is clear and your directions are set and your guidance system is activated, now you can put the pedal to the metal.  

Now you can add speed to the direction you’re headed and create massive velocity.  

Understanding the difference between speed and velocity will change how you work.  

It’ll change how you live, and it will change the legacy that you can leave.  

When I really understood and I started practicing this religiously, it became my great advantage.  

I created a college coach specific planner to guide you through how to do this day by day.   

I am also relaunching my High-Performance Coach and Recruiter next week.  Keep an eye on your email with the details.  

I suggest reading this newsletter three or four times and sharing it with everybody that you work with and live with to get them on the same page with how to work and live better, easier, faster and more sanely.  

To your success,  

Mandy Green 


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