Discover the secrets to getting ahead in 2024 with our latest blog post for coaches! This article offers a clear and insightful roadmap for personal development, helping you elevate your coaching career and enjoy a more fulfilling life. Learn how to reflect on the past year and make positive changes that will set you up for success in the coming year. Dive into the transformative questions that could change your life, and get ready to embrace the power of personal growth. Don't miss out on this impactful guide to unlocking your full potential in 2024!

Getting An Edge in 2024

Hello Coach and happy holidays! 


December is a special time of year, isn’t it? As we approach the holiday season and the year’s end, many of us feel the urge to wrap up loose ends and set the stage for a fresh start in the new year.  


It’s a time to reflect on the past, express gratitude, and think about how we can level up in our coaching careers while enjoying a more fulfilling life. 


But let’s not fall into the trap of simply repeating what we did in the past. If you know you could have achieved more, it’s time to consider what can be different in 2024. 


In this newsletter, I share a set of questions designed to help you finish this year strong and prepare for the next. These questions are meant to spark thoughts and reflections as you work on your personal development journey.  


My Personal Annual Review always starts with these 2 questions: 

Question #1: What created energy this year? 


I use something called the Energy Calendar (I don’t remember where I found this from): 

The idea is that you reflect on your calendar at the end of the week/month/year and color code the events according to whether they created energy (green), drained energy (red), or were neutral (yellow). 


The Energy Calendar is a great, visual way to course correct on a weekly/monthly/yearly basis if there are specific activities that are highly positive or negative for your energy. 


At this point in the year, you should review your calendars on a macro annual scale. What activities, people, or projects consistently CREATED energy in my life? Write them down. 


Ask yourself, did I spend ample time on the Energy Creators, or did they get neglected? 


Goal: Spend more time on these in 2024! 


Question #2: What drained energy this year? 


What activities, people, or projects consistently DRAINED energy from my life? Write them down. 


Did I allow the Energy Drainers to persist, or did I cut them in real time? 


Goal: Spend less time on these in 2024. 


I wanted to give you a bunch of other questions or journal prompts that you could ask yourself about how to rejoice and appreciate and have gratitude for all of the memories the moments of 2023 but then also start to formulate a gameplan for how to set yourself up to win in 2024. 


  • What were your top 10 memories from 2023? 
  • How did you successfully face three challenges? 
  • What new skills did you develop? 
  • Who did you serve well this year? 
  • What improvements did you experience? 
  • What moments brought you grace? 
  • What fears didn’t materialize? 
  • What made you feel truly alive? 
  • Who did you connect with on a special level? 
  • Who became an important friend? 
  • Who supported you? 
  • How did struggles empower you? 
  • What other blessings should you cherish? 


  • What should you worry less about? 
  • What activities should you reduce in 2024? 
  • Identify and emotionally release three negative moments from this year. 
  • Are there projects you should let go of? 
  • What habits can you quit? 
  • Who do you need to distance yourself from? 
  • What should you admit is failing? 
  • Who and what do you need to forgive? 
  • What can you let go of to become stronger? 
  • How can you release anger, hurt, and negative thinking? 
  • How can you release physical tension? 
  • How can you let go of expectations and be more present? 


  • What new thoughts can give you an edge in 2024? 
  • How can you express more of yourself next year? 
  • What health routines will boost your energy? 
  • Which new skills do you want to develop? 
  • What should you double down on? 
  • Identify new projects to take on. 
  • Set boundaries. 
  • Consider learning to prepare nutritious meals. 
  • Network and connect with new people. 
  • Strive to be a better role model. 
  • Allocate time for your passions. 
  • Establish new daily routines for peace and joy. 
  • Invest in activities that promise long-term returns. 
  • Stay ahead of career trends. 
  • Plan exciting adventures with loved ones. 


Experience + Reflection = Growth 


As you contemplate these questions, remember that personal development is a journey, and it’s okay to start small. The key is to take deliberate steps toward becoming the best version of yourself, both as a coach and in all aspects of your life. Embrace the new year with open arms, and let personal growth be your guiding light in 2024. 


To your success,  

Mandy Green 

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