Are you clear on your big Why and Purpose for coaching?     

Gameify your Big Why and Purpose for Coaching

Hey Coach?  

Are you clear on your big Why and Purpose for coaching?  

I ask because I feel that once you have clarity on your Why and your Purpose, it gives you a huge competitive advantage – you know where you are headed (instead of being easily distracted by everything)!

The key to living out your Why and Purpose is to figure out an easy plan to get there. 

Today I have an idea for you to try.  

Have you ever hear of PPA’s (Purpose Producing Activity)?

These are actions that you can you do on a daily basis that will allow you to make progress towards your Why and your Purpose. 

If part of your Purpose is to have strong relationships with your student athletes and coworkers, think of the PPA’s you can do daily that will build those relationships. 

If part of your Purpose is to serve the student athletes by helping them to reach their potential as an athlete, then think of the PPA’s you can do daily that will make you more effective. 

You get the picture. Developing leadership skills, having intentional conversations with your athletes, taking time for gratitude, are all are activities that can move you closer to your Why and Purpose. 

Now gamify it! 

What if you created a list of 20 or 30 things that you can do, and then based on time and impact, you gave it a point value. A gratitude text to an athlete or coworker might be 2 points. An individual meeting with an athlete to review film might be 10 points. You get the picture. Now, what if you made the commitment to earn 100 points towards your Why and your Purpose every day? 

Gamifying allows you to have fun while pursuing your Why and your Purpose and it makes every day very intentional. 

As you have heard me say before in this newsletter, shat you measure is what you get done.  

Your success and your failure are defined, to some degree, by the numbers that you achieve.  

Yet if you are like most, you need to do a better job of keeping score.  

Accurate scorekeeping can be uncomfortable because it tells a truth about you. And while the truth may set you free, it can also tick you off along the way.  

Measurement is uncomfortable because it causes you to confront your performance breakdowns.  

Without measurement, it is easier to ignore and rationalize our failures and to overestimate our successes.  

However, to improve, we must be able to see our current situation clearly.  

Scorekeeping provides a clear picture of reality. 

By measuring a key set of indicators that tell you how you are performing, you are able to act like the CEO of your program and accomplish your goals faster.   

You make better decisions and you take better actions — which can only improve your results.  

Have courage — pay attention to your numbers. 

To your success,  

Mandy Green 


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