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Creating Success in 2024: Champions let their mind wander

Happy Sunday Coach!


For those of you who will be at the soccer coaches convention this week, stop by and say hi!  I speak on Thursday and Friday morning. 


Ok, for today, I want to talk about one thing that will create a lot of sanity for you this year.

The phrase I want you to live by this year is “Make more space.”  


Make more space for peace and quiet so you can think.  


Don’t pick up your phone as much.  


Be ok just wandering around your house.   


Go for a walk with your thoughts without a podcast in your ear.   


Did you know that the most creative people in the world are walkers?  They love to walk and just think.  


Do you remember the last time you allowed yourself to just sit and think?  


As coaches, your journey year by year is filled with hectic schedules, constant emails and phone calls, and the never-ending pressure to achieve results.  


As we get started into 2024, I am here to tell you that to reach new levels of success, you certainly need to level up your skills and mindset.   


However, in this article, we’ll explore how taking the time to give yourself more space for contemplation and creative thinking can lead to greater success in the year ahead. 


You probably have already experienced what I am talking about here.


Have you ever been standing in the shower or sitting on the toilet (as long as you are not on your phone) and all of a sudden you have a total aha moment and isn’t the idea that pops into your head at that moment almost always a great one it’s like a major problem you’ve been thinking about is suddenly got an answer to it?  


Your mind needs space to bring its best ideas to the surface.


This doesn’t happen very often for a lot of people because we’re constantly bombarded with notifications, emails, and phone calls, leaving us with little room for reflection and deep thinking.  We are drowning out our own brilliant mind with the garbage on the web every single day.


Tim Ferris, author of the 4 Hour Workweek, gets asked about his morning routine all of the time.  He said he gets up, drinks tea, eats breakfast, goes for a walk and is just thinking the whole time.  I guess he will do this for weeks.  What he is trying to do is find that one domino that so powerful that it will wipe out all of the other ones or at least make the other ones irrelevant. 


Nick Saban said this. “I usually make a lot of notes during the day, things we can do better and things we can do differently,” Saban explains. “But it seems to me that things come a lot clearer to me in the morning. I think of stuff when I’m showering, when I’m shaving, when I’m getting ready to go to work, and on the drive, I’m putting it all together of how I want to implement it into the day.”


You could also take a cue from one of history’s greatest minds, Albert Einstein. He had what he called a “thinking block” on his calendar, where he simply sat and contemplated. No distractions, no tasks, just pure thinking. This practice allowed him to delve into complex problems and come up with groundbreaking ideas.


From the research that I have done, it appears that anybody who has been successful works time into their schedule to ensure that no matter what else happens in the day, that they’ve allowed their genius mind the time to provide them with breakthroughs, with brilliant ideas, and with the solutions, they need to remain focused and productive for the rest of the day.


Great thinkers are not lying in bed at night getting their ideas from email and neither should you. Give your mind the time and space freedom to wander to cultivate ideas to think. Their writing in their journals, they’re paying attention to what the champion inside of them is saying.


Coach, could creating a designated “thinking space” in your daily routine make all the difference for you this year? 


I believe it will.


I have blocked off thinking time in the morning. I let my mind be relaxed and try not to think about anything. When I notice that I drift to a to-do list or start to feel anxious about whatever’s happening in the day I just point my mind back to trying to think about nothing.  I protect this time and I just let my mind gently wake up and wander and do what it needs to do and you know what, it’s in these quiet moments in the morning before I’ve looked at my phone that my brain is the most powerful.


And you know what happens, literally almost every single morning, I have at least one great idea. It’s become such a predictable pattern that I now keep my journal by me on the floor while I am stretching so that if something really awesome comes up, I can write it down so I remember.


What’s really great about these ideas is that they become a main point of focus for the rest of my morning.  I think that part of becoming the greatest you as a coach is learning how to let the most powerful you guide you, not your mindless automatic pilot brain that is addicted to your phone and email.  When you give the most powerful part of your brain space to breathe, wander, and expand, you will start having more aha moments. 


Love it.  Please give it a try and let me know how it goes!  


To your success in 2024,  


Mandy Green 

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