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Brutal Honestly as to Why Busy Coach Was Even Created

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Hey Coach,

I just did the webinar last week about how to set yourself up for a breakthrough.  I put the replay below if you missed it.   

Never fails, I always hear the comment afterwards, “wow, I wish I was as organized as you.”   

While I’m thankful for the comment.   

If I am being brutally honest, most days as a coach, especially early in my career, I felt far from organized and productive. 

I didn’t really need to be organize and productive at first.   

I had no kids and could basically come and go as I pleased as an assistant. 

When I took on higher roles at bigger schools, I didn’t get organized and productive to produce a higher quality of work, I just worked longer and harder. 

Then I had kids and it all changed for me.   

While I tried doing things the same way for a while.  

I was all over the map working on 10 things at a time.  

I didn’t feel in control of anything.  

I had too many files and it took me forever to find anything.  

I lived in my email.  

I worked until late in the night.  

I worked on weekends.   

I was a multitasking maniac.  

I lost touch with friends and family.   

My stress levels were through the roof.  

I was cranky all the time.  

I was always putting out fires.   

I was burning out.  

I could go on but hopefully you get the idea. 

Busy Coach didn’t start because I wanted to start a side business.   

I was drowning in my to-do list. 

I needed help. 

Nobody had training that was specific for college coaches and the work that we do.   

I just started reading business books about time management to see what they were doing that was working for them.      

I went to work on myself first.  I needed a better way to show up and get done what I needed to do.   

Once I had that going ok, then I started to tackle working better together as a staff.   

Then we went for operational efficiency.   

I learned these things to solve my own problems because nobody else was there to help me out.   

Dan Tudor was actually the first person to notice how much I had been changing.   

He asked me to come and speak about my journey at his conference.   

That lead to me writing my first book.  

Things just took off from there.     

The things I share in my free content and paid programs are basically the different strategies that I tried over the years to get myself out of the hole I had dug myself into.   

My hope for you is that you never get to the place that I was in.  

I am trying to help you learn and apply these strategies much sooner than I ever did.  

I hope that by writing what I write about that I don’t give off the impression that I have everything figured out.  

I would be the first to tell you that I am FAR from perfect. 

I still have plenty of days where I am a hot mess.    

Those days are going to happen.   

My hope is through this newsletter, you are gaining strategies to get back on track faster if you do have an off day.   

To be able to recognize and fix problems sooner.  

To reach new levels of success.   

To win not only at work, but also at home.   

Please don’t think that I am too busy for a call.  If you want to talk things over, just reply to this email with some days and times that work for you to talk.   

I am here to help you however I can.   



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