Discover the winning formula for post-commitment success in college coaching. Our latest article breaks down the essential strategies, from smart automation to personalized customization, ensuring your recruits stay committed and you maintain control of your valuable time. Learn how to optimize your coaching process for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

A Post Commitment System To Save Time & Decrease Decommits

Hey Coach,

Congratulations! A recruit has committed to your team, and now it’s time to make sure they have a smooth transition into your program.  

To prevent decommits, and get 100% of the kids who commit to stay committed to you, this crucial phase requires a well-thought-out system that balances automation and customization. 

Have you ever dissected your process for what happens after a commitment is made? 

Most coaches haven’t. 

I never even considered it until the year I needed to get 10 more kids for that season, and I got 21 freshman for the next season all within a 6 month period.  I found myself spending a significant amount of time customizing every single message and it was exhausting. 

There was no way that I could continue to customize everything.  I needed to be strategic as to what I could automate and what and where needed my personal touch.  

In this blog post, I will share a few things that I discussed with my Recruiting Made Simple group on our monthly call last week.  I will share a few considerations for you to think about when building an after commitment system and why finding the right balance is essential. 

  1. Automate What You Can

If you choose to embark on the journey of optimizing your post-commitment process, finding areas to automate should be your first focus. Why? Because it saves you valuable time and ensures consistency. 

Consider the following automation opportunities: 

  • Information Delivery: Is there a way to automate the delivery of essential information to your committed recruits? This could include academic eligibility requirements, info to keep them excited about the commitment they made, dorm deposit info, support services available, and other critical details for a smooth transition. 
  • Communication: Instead of manually sending individual emails or messages to recruits, set up automated email sequences that provide relevant updates and reminders. This ensures that recruits receive the necessary information without overwhelming your coaching staff. 

Remember, automation streamlines your processes and reduces the need for repetitive, manual tasks. Checklists, templates and FAQs can be immensely helpful in providing quick, consistent responses to common questions. 

  1. Customization with Care

While automation helps you save time and maintain consistency, customization is equally important, especially when it comes to providing the best experience for your recruits. Customization allows you to build strong relationships and cater to individual needs. 

Here’s how to approach customization: 

  • Strategic Objectives: Align your customization efforts with your strategic objectives. Ask yourself where personalized attention is most critical. While one-on-one interaction is ideal, it can be resource-intensive. Determine which recruits or situations warrant more personalized attention. 
  • Relationship Building: Customize interactions to build genuine relationships. Focus on the recruits who require extra support or have unique needs. Tailor your approach to make them feel valued and heard. 

Automation and customization play complementary roles in creating an effective after commitment system for you coach.  

Automation streamlines processes, saves time, and ensures consistency, while customization enhances the recruit experience and builds relationships.  

Striking the right balance between the two is key to maximizing productivity and providing exceptional support to your committed recruits. 

If you would like my help setting this up or to see the diagram that I showed and the recording of last weeks Recruiting Made Simple presentation, please reach out and let me know.  

To your success,  

Mandy Green


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