A more simple and safe way to advance the recruiting process

Hey coach,

In an effort to practice my presentation for NCRC this week, I recorded a short video about how to advance recruits along the process in more simple and safe steps.  Hope it helps.  

To your success, 

Mandy Green


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I run a Facebook group called the Productive Coach and Recruiter.  Every week I will post and idea or 2 to keep ramping up how effective you are with the operational side of your job. The idea is to help you eliminate what isn’t working and optimize what is.   

If you are looking for monthly mentoring where you are a part of a group of coaches who are working to simplify their recruiting by creating better systems, please consider joining Recruiting Made Simple  



Here is another quick youtube video I made.  

I created a Free College Coach Master To-Do List resource to help you get more PRODUCTIVE and BETTER ORGANIZED.