A Golden Piece of Advice with Life Changing Results

Hey Coach, 

I hope you are having a great Memorial Day weekend coach!

I’ve been using this holiday weekend time to sit and reflect back on some pivotal moments in my coaching career.  

When I was 27 years old a mentor gave me a golden piece of advice… 

Like a typical ‘know-it-all”, I ignored this advice for 5 years.  

It wasn’t until I was 33, as an exhausted mom of a newborn and had my first head coaching job of a struggling D1 program, that I finally listened up and decided to make a change… 

And the advice paid off with life changing results.  

I went from an always busy and struggling coach who wasn’t sleeping very much (I was not blessed with children who slept well), to a very productive coach of a program on the rise in just a short time. 

The advice? 

“Go to bed at the same time every night.
Get up at the same time every day.”

Now I know what you’re thinking… 

That won’t work! I have recruiting calls.  I have kids.  I have <insert your excuse>. 

Or you might think that it’s too simple. 

But think about it… 

Most coaches aren’t using the time to get more things done.  

If you did decide to go to bed at the same time, chances are, these are the things that you would be cutting out:


All of the “acidic” temptations in life. 

Now look at what this ads to your life: 

Habit Consistency
Creative Space
Thinking Time
Exercise Time
Reflection Time 

Family Time 

All of these are golden threads for success. 

When a long time football coach client of mine followed this going to bed and getting up at the same time principle… 

He went from sleeping on his couch in his office because he felt he always had to work or he would fall behind his competition.  

To just getting a head coaching job, being home by 6pm every night, and getting married to a women he had had his eye on for a while but had been too busy to do anything about it.  

All because he was able to create consistency and maintain stability and he was no longer sacrificing performance at the altar of temptation.  

The end result of consistency is almost guaranteed.  

More success, more time, more winning – however you determine that in life. 

This simple advice helped me create the consistency I needed to get ahead. 

It works.  Try it.  

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Keep an eye out on your inbox on Tuesday morning with the details.   

To your success,  

Mandy Green 

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