2 Simple Principals About Planning That Can Change Your Results Forever!

Happy Sunday Coach,  

Let’s jump right into these 2 principals. 


Principle #1: Not all Tasks Are Created Equally 


Right now, there are probably 2-3 tasks or projects that you do as a coach that are 10x more valuable to building the future of your program than the rest combined.   


If you can get those tasks done right, you can drive insane results in a small amount of time. 


Case and point? 


I recently helped a client who was working 80+ hours a week.   


But no matter how hard he worked or how much stuff he did… his recruiting, administration, and team progress stayed the same month after month. 


After walking him through a few of the systems in my performance planning system… 


He spotted a HUGE hole in how he was asking recruits to move along the process while he was on the phone. 


Within 2 weeks – he got 3 recruits to commit, got 4 recruits to finally say no, and got another 10 of his top recruits to let him know what else they had left to do in their process and they collaborated together to set a timeline.  (I can help you set up this conversation if you want help.  Email me). 


Think about that. 


He went from feeling out of control and not knowing where his recruits were, to creating yeses, no’s, and not yet but this is when I can give you an answer, just by applying a simple strategy and eliminating most of the other stuff he was doing that wasn’t creating movement.  


Without adding more things to his to-list.   


We nailed down a key strategy and he eliminated the rest.  




The problem I find is that most coaches are so “busy” doing work that doesn’t matter and doesn’t drive any real results… 


That they can’t make the time to step back and find the result levers that will get them to the next level. 


In other words…   


They’re too busy to be successful! 


The bottom line? 


For this whole coaching thing to work, you need to shift out of a “work ethic” mindset and develop your “results ethic.” 


Because no matter what sport you coach or how “busy” you think you are right now… 


I know that you could provide more value, build faster, and 2-5X more results than you’re getting while working less. 


IF you have the right framework to do it.  


Principle #2: Not all Hours Are Created Equally 

Once you’ve identified the highest value activities to focus on, the next piece of the puzzle is something 97% of coaches overlook. 


WHEN you focus on them. 


Because just like all tasks aren’t created equally, your time isn’t created equally either. 


You aren’t equally as productive at 7AM as you are at 7PM. 


And you probably aren’t as productive on Mondays as you are on Fridays. 


We all have a natural fluctuation in our energy and performance throughout the days, weeks, and months. 


But most coaches plan their days as if they’re going to be 100% focused and productive 100% of the time. 


The best of the best understand that there’s a limited window of time in every day and week where they’re more focused, motivated, and disciplined than any other time. 



And if they can capitalize on that by doing their most important things when they’re naturally in their most productive state – that’s when the magic starts to happen.   

Hope that helps, 


If you want to set up a call to go over how you are using these principals, please just hit reply to this email and shoot me some days and times that work for you. 


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If you want the planning system I have been talking about, take a look at the Busy Coach Performance Planner and video training.  


To your success, 

Mandy Green