[trx_quote cite=”#” title=”Mandy Green”]As we are off and running in the New Year and hopefully still working towards the goals we set, I wanted to give you an insight into a New Year’s Resolution I made..[/trx_quote]

How I Got Better at Coaching and Recruiting Through Renewal

As we are off and running in the New Year and hopefully still working towards the goals we set, I wanted to give you an insight into a New Year’s Resolution I made for myself last year and how it affected my coaching and recruiting productivity.  My resolution was to schedule more time for personal renewal.

Here is why I needed this:

I was finding it difficult to get my most important recruiting work accomplished while in the office because there are so many other things to do and so many distractions.  By the time I would get home, I was pretty much running on empty, and yet still had my recruiting hat on and was trying to answer emails, return phone calls and texts in between taking care of my two kids until I’d fall asleep.
I’m not sure if you can relate, but I was finding that when I was working for too long, too continuously, and sleeping too little, I was relying too much on caffeine, sugar, and other low-octane stimulants to keep me going during the day.  My mind would also start feeling cluttered and stale like a pressure cooker.  I wasn’t giving my mind time to clear the steam out, so at times I felt like it would boil over and cause me to lose my effectiveness and productivity with recruiting, with coaching, and with all of my office work.
Just like our athletes, with over training and overworking we wear down, burnout, and become ineffective.  The reality is that we will become flat liners mentally and emotionally when we relentlessly spend energy without sufficient recovery.  Unless we incorporate more rest and recovery into our work regimen, we will slowly wear down and become ineffective as coaches and as recruiters.
I am going to share one thing I did while at home to renew today.  I will give you more ideas over the next few weeks on how you can not only renew at home but also while you are still in the office.
So, the renewal method that I want to recommend to you is-

Plan 2 hours of free time EVERY NIGHT!

This was a pretty drastic change for me because like most coaches, we are all addicted to work and when the demand in our lives intensifies, our pattern is to hunker down and push harder instead of stopping to refuel more frequently.
This was my thought process.

  1. I get a ton of things done right before I go on vacation because I am urgently trying to finish things up.
  2. I get a lot of things done the first few days I get back from vacation because my mind and body are refreshed.
  3. If I have 2 hours every night that I can’t work, I will have to work more urgently during the day to get things finished up.
  4. Because I am now resting my mind and body daily, when it is time to get back to work, I should be more energized and focused so should be able to produce higher quality work.

Sounds logical right?
Here are some suggestions of things you could do during your scheduled free time. Plan fun things to do with your family. Make time to hang out with your favorite people. Go workout. Read a book. Play with your kids. Watch a movie. Go play golf. Or whatever it is that you deem your recovery time.
To do this though, I have found that it is crucial that you have your free time filled with fun and exhilarating activity.  You will need to start with activities that engage your heart and mind so you are not bored and tempted to get sucked back into your working addiction.
To help make sure you do this, here are 3 things that you have to do to make sure you are incorporating recovery time into your schedule.

  1. Schedule it.  What gets scheduled gets done.  Put it on your schedule and then defend it like you would your child.  It is an unmovable appointment.
  2. Declare it.  Don’t try to keep it a secret or be shy about it.  Lead by example and show everybody how you are making rejuvenation part of your productivity.  Communicate your schedule and set expectations with your staff, team, and recruits.  You will be amazed how the coaching and recruiting world will actually reorganize around your recovery time whether it is for 2 hours or for 2 weeks.
  3. Measure it.  What gets measured gets improved.  For example, measure how many times you get home to eat dinner with your family.

These 2 hours every night may not seem like much to you, but it is 400 times more than it used to be for me.  This really has made a tremendous impact on my effectiveness, my mental and physical energy, and my productivity as a coach and as a recruiter.
By making time off one of your critical non-negotiable top priorities in 2015, you will feel more motivated, more excited, more energetic, and more happy.  And the happier you are, the more motivated and productive you will be over the long term. Which, of course, is what personal productivity is all about.
Hope you have a productive week!
Mandy Green
P.S. – I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. What do you do to rejuvenate? How has it affected your coaching? Comment below or email me at mandy@busy.coach
P.P.S.  If you have found this article helpful, please share it with your staff or other work colleagues!  Studying time and energy management over these last 4 years and applying it to my coaching and recruiting has been a game changer for me.  I am committed to helping coaches get more important work done in less time so more time can be spent with family and friends.  Thanks!