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Much like any sport coach would track the finest details of an athlete’s efforts in progress over time, my goal with the BusyCoach Tracking Journal is to do that with regard to the work you are doing with your program. 

Tracking is collecting basic data to get information that will help you to clearly identify what you are doing, compare that to your current results, identify tasks or activities you could do differently, and after a period of implementation, compare the new results against the old.

Without tracking you are doing in the office, with your recruiting, with your energy, you are just shooting in the dark

Tracking allows you to …

  1. Help you gain a clearer picture identify exactly what actually takes up your time and pulls you away from the objects of your focus.
  2. Gives you a starting point from which to start and then build from there.
  3. Make small tweaks to the way you do things
  4. To set you up to establish new habits and routines

The more you observe and track, the more you can fine-tune your routine, decide what to eliminate and what to keep.  Obviously, keeping only the best of the best. That is part of the beauty of tracking.  It keeps you one step ahead of the game, and often two steps ahead of the competition… because in so many cases, your competition is not doing it.

After you have all your goals and expectations in place that are driven strictly by the numbers, every person in your program knows exactly what is expected of them on a weekly and monthly basis.  There is no more guessing, and all decisions are made based on the numbers.



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Monthly Tracking Pages
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Monthly Tracking Pages
• 200 Pages
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What To Expect

With this BusyCoach Tracking Journal for College Coaches you will be able to track your …

  • Recruiting goals and strategies
  • Recruiting Communication
  • Time and where you might be wasting it
  • Goals
  • Habits
  • Energy
  • Communication
  • End of the month results and progress
  • Monthly Master To-Do Lists
  • Focus
  • Tools


Are you ready to make some simple – and smart – changes to the way you manage your time and recruit this year?

What is the next step

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It was very nice meeting you this past weekend in Boston.  Organization is defiantly something that I can improve on. I think you had a lot of great tips and rules that can help my office be more productive. Thanks again.

HHead Women’s Lacrosse Coach; SUNY New Paltz

Liz Student

I first, wanted to thank you for the great presentation at Dan’s Tudor recruiting conference, I thought it was excellent. I have already made changes to my email and some daily office habits which has already shown to be more productive and time saving! I feel refreshed after the conference and feel these changes have already helped my work and personal life in just the few days I have implemented change. Thank you and I hope to hear back from you again soon.

Head Coach Women’s Soccer; King’s College

Frank Carrozza M.S.

Like many others I too was most impressed with the presentation and it was one we all needed to hear.  Nothing to come in a find 200 emails waiting to be opened and I feel like I am supposed to.  Great info and anything you can send would be helpful as I address our staff with my notes.   Best of luck and always stay in touch.

Director of High School Relations; East Carolina University

Harold Robinson